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Only 2 out of 10 podcasters make it past their first six episodes.

We're here to change that.

Because if you’re going to invest your time in a podcast, you deserve to be getting hundreds of five-star reviews, thousands of downloads, and dozens of listeners raising their hands to work with you.

 (The last thing you need is to feel like you’re talking to yourself in an empty room — and we’re right there with ya.)

The best part?

You DON’T need millions of downloads, a massive following, or to podcast full-time to have a successful Top 100 show.

All you need is access to a team of fellow top-ranked hosts to show you how it’s done.

That’s why we created PodLaunch.

By the time our work together is through, you won’t just have a successful podcast...

You’ll have your very own platform for creating
massive impact with your voice.

We had our BEST SALES MONTH EVER thanks to this podcast launch.

Getting OVER 100+ 5-star reviews and rank #34 in the highly-competitive Business category was icing on the cake.

- Joey Vitale | Host: Business Growth Advantage


Most podcast courses only tell what mic to buy and where to press record, leaving you to figure out the growth + success part on your own.

(Sounds like your worst nightmare? We agree).

That’s why here, we don’t just teach you how to start a podcast.

We'll teach you the psychology and the strategy behind creating an addictive podcast experience  your listeners can't ignore, so you can turn your show into a lead-generation machine that rapidly grows your business.

Because if you want to become the host of a successful Top 100 podcast

(aka one that grows your audience and makes you moneyyy!)

you're going to need three things:

Content Formula

So you know how to create an addictive listening experience that sets you apart from your competition and helps you attract, keep, and convert your listeners to clients on repeat.

Proven Launch & Relaunch System

So you can boost your discoverability, drive more downloads, and create real demand for your offers as you elevate your credibility in your niche.

Long-Term Audience Growth Strategy

So you can experience consistent audience growth, generate sustainable income from your show, and create the greater impact you deserve as you use your voice to build your legacy.


With hands-on guidance from our team of expert coaches, the proven PodLaunch Formula has helped 95% of clients break the Apple Top 100 in their categories and scale their podcasts 5x faster than hosts who start a podcast without it.*

*based on real client results and current industry data 

  (Oh, and did we mention everything we'll teach you is backed by our We-Won’t-Let-You-Fail Guarantee?)

AKA if you’re looking for the podcast easy button — you just found it.

It's been a five-year dream of mine to start a podcast — and PodLaunch is THE best decision I’ve ever made for my business.  

Not only did I launch #39 in the highly-competitive fitness category with over 54+ five star reviews, I made my first five sales ever (after 3 years of trying!) — all PAID IN FULL. #mindblown

- Daisy Bravo

Host: Strong Moms Fitness

PodLaunch is the ONLY system you'll ever need to start and grow successful podcast.

It was one thing to see my podcast dream come to life, but now that I'm nearing 100,000k downloads? Dream come true.

- Dr. Christine Li

Host: Make Time for Success

Courtney has cracked the code for business owners who want to grow their business with a podcast!

I ranked #30 in the US and #20 in Canada in the Self Improvement category with over 15,000 downloads in the first 30 days. The level of support & responsiveness from Courtney and her team is unmatched. 


- Dianah Johnson

Host: Your Light is Your Legacy


when you become the host of a top-ranked podcast and (finally!) get to...


cramming your expertise into 15-second videos that drive zero sales

Say goodbye
to the frustration of trying to grow on multiple platforms at once

Free up your time
to focus on the work that matters most

Create predictable income
with a podcast that can convert listeners to leads 24/7 

See your audience grow
as you start building a movement with your message

as a respected thought leader in your niche

the conversation in your industry

lasting change in the world with your voice

How It Works:

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Join PodLaunch

If we mutually agree you’re someone we can help, we’ll invite you to become part of our PodLaunch community. You’ll get immediate access to our entire methodology and our team will work hand-in-hand with you to implement it. Did we mention we include professional editing, graphic design, and copywriting on the house? Yep, we’re that invested in your success!

Become a Top Host

Get real-time mentorship on every. single. aspect. of your podcast. Simply show up to your coaching calls (ideally with a smile :) and execute the simple steps we lay out for you. When we finish, you’ll be the proud host of a bingeworthy podcast that’s positioned to grow your business exponentially — with alllll the five-star reviews and downloads to prove it. 


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Courtney Elmer is a Forbes-featured business consultant and host of the globally ranked AntiFragile Entrepreneurship™ podcast. She founded PodLaunch to help six and seven figure experts start a podcast that drives consistent traffic to their business while using their voice to create meaningful change in the world. PodLaunch is a subsidiary of The EffortLESS Life®.