Your Legacy.

This is THE place for emerging thought leaders who are done competing for attention in the soul-sucking social media game...

Think you don't have time to start a podcast? Think again.

True, most people ~think~ podcasting is time-consuming.

That’s because they’re too busy listening to the social media “strategists” who say you need to post 'til your eyes bleed if you want to grow your audience. (We’re not here to throw shade, buuuut, we beg to differ.)

Podcasts are the hidden marketing jackpot for busy people.

If a single episode done right can potentially generate leads and sales for years to come, imagine what happens when you have 100+ episodes out there working for you 24/7... 500 episodes... 1000 episodes... you get the picture.

This is just why just about every thought leader you admire like Alex Hormozi, Tim Ferriss, and Amy Porterfield have podcasts. Not just for the credibility it gives them, but for the time it saves them.

Besides, when you have a top-ranked podcast impacting thousands of lives and making you an extra $10k, $20k, or $100k a year, will you still be saying you don't have the time? (Did we even have to ask?)

We're all about helping you grow your audience and your income consistently so you can free up your time and get back to the more important work you’re here to do in the first place. 

 Ready for a podcast that gets listeners flooding your DMs saying, “OMG — How can I work with you?!”


Around here, we believe...

Follows Service

We believe podcasting and entrepreneurship is heart-centered work at its core. Yes, you want to make money. But what you really want is to make a meaningful difference.

Your Voice Creates
Your Legacy

Yes, that includes you. Your voice doesn’t just resonate in the ears of those listening today. Your voice can create a ripple that echoes through the future for generations to come.

Less is
Always More

Because ain’t nobody got time to post 2,000 times a day to social media. And in a world that is noisier than ever, daring to speak up is what you need to stand out.

This is why we don’t help just anyone start a podcast.

We only work with impact-driven entrepreneurs (a.k.a. you!) who are here to create positive change in the world while growing your business.



It all started with a cancer diagnosis at 25…

I never set out to become a top-ranked podcast host or guide others to do the same. But now I can’t imagine doing anything else.

At nine years old I was repeatedly told my mouth gets me into trouble. After being sent to my room a gajillion times for speaking out, I decided one day it wasn't worth speaking up at all.

I started bending myself to fit who I thought the world wanted me to be… and lost sight of who *Courtney* was in the process.

But no one could have predicted what happened next.


It’s now two days after our honeymoon and I’m sitting in my doctor’s office being diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

(Pretty sure my jaw hit the freakin’ floor.) But the scariest part wasn’t the radiation or the risk of infertility. It was the real possibility that my vocal cords could be severed during surgery.

Being terrified of losing my voice after choosing not to use it all those years… how’s that for irony?

This is where it gets really interesting…

The day I decided to launch my podcast... the day I discovered that taking full ownership of your voice is the key to creating your legacy as an entrepreneur.

Your voice isn’t not just a vehicle for your message — it's your unique fingerprint that connects you with the world.

As an entrepreneur, your voice is your greatest asset secret ninja superpower when you use it effectively. Why? Because taking ownership of your voice allows you to step into the fullest expression of who you’re created to be.

Read that again... this. changes. everything.


...the world is going to try to steal your voice from you.

For years I bought into all the same fears and lies:

nobody is going to listen to you…
what you have to say isn't important...
what if people hate what I have to say (ME)?
there are already people out there saying the same exact thing…

(I know I’m not alone here).

But then I went from unheard expert to globally-ranked podcast host...

......and saw firsthand the meaningful impact you can make in the world with just your voice. No complex sales funnels, no fancy degrees, no unlimited ad spend required.

Now I get to help business owners like you start and grow a top-ranked podcast to give their voice the platform it deserves so they can reach a global audience with their message and create positive change in the world.

The best part isn’t seeing how this changes your business — it’s seeing how this changes your life. << Play that back, bruh!


To cut to the chase...

We've helped over five dozen coaches and consultants launch top-ranked podcasts that grow their business. Our clients have...

+ Outranked industry giants like Amy Porterfield and Jenna Kutcher

+ Received hundreds of five-star reviews within 24-48 hrs of launching

+ Elevated their networks and befriended top industry leaders

+ Crushed their 25k, 50k, 75k, and 100k+ download milestones 

+ Reclaimed their authentic voice and are using it to build their legacy

+ Gotten their time back while experiencing their best sales months ever 


Most people are surprised to find out that… 
  • I was homeschooled (yes, really) 
 I’m obsessed with …
  • weightlifting, hip-hop, and exploring the infinite inner workings of the human mind (so weird, I know)
On my playlist right now you’ll find…
  • Connor Price, Hamilton, and Encanto (hey, don’t judge)
As a kid I was… 
  • Outspoken. Outgoing. And chubby. Like really chubby. 
I’m a fierce protector of…
  • My time, my mental health, and my family
I’ll never start my day without…
  • A dose of Jesus and a cup (ok, two) of Peruvian coffee with a dash of cream

Sounds like a perfect match?


With our proven methodology and We-Won’t-Let-You-Fail Guarantee, this is one easy business decision you won’t have to overthink. (Sure, you can… but why on earth would you want to?)


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Courtney Elmer is a Forbes-featured business consultant and host of the globally ranked AntiFragile Entrepreneurship™ podcast. She founded PodLaunch to help six and seven figure experts start a podcast that drives consistent traffic to their business while using their voice to create meaningful change in the world. PodLaunch is a subsidiary of The EffortLESS Life®.