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Courtney Elmer is a sought-after consultant, host, and keynote speaker who empowers online entrepreneurs to embrace antifragility and use their voice to catalyze positive change in the world.


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Courtney Elmer is one of THE top podcasting professionals I've ever had the privilege of working with. She shows up in a way that serves and adds value to everyone she meets!

I highly recommend her for anything podcast and entrepreneurship-related. She will help you go further, much faster than you would on your own.

~ Alex Sanfilippo | Founder: PodMatch

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As the Founder of the EffortLESS Life® and creator of PodLaunch™, Courtney Elmer is a sought-after consultant, host, and keynote speaker who is known for helping entrepreneurs embrace antifragility and use their voice to catalyze positive change in the world.

Drawing on her background in psychology and personal experience as a cancer survivor, Courtney teaches online business leaders how to build self-sustaining businesses that can thrive in a rapidly changing digital environment, expand their thought leadership through podcasting, and grow through what they go through to create the greater income, influence, and impact they deserve.

Courtney hosts the globally-ranked AntiFragile Entrepreneurship™ podcast, which recently surpassed How I Built This and Harvard Business Review on the list of 11 Top Business Podcasts for Professionals by Small Biz Trends. She’s a popular speaker on the topics of podcast marketing and entrepreneurial antifragility at notable industry conferences such as PodFest Global, and her skills and knowledge are frequently sought by leaders and teams from Forbes, Fast Company, PopSugar, and more.

Courtney lives in New Orleans with her husband Alan and their son, a surprise miracle baby following her cancer treatments.

Speaking Experience:

  • PodFest Global
  • Kajabi University
  • PodTalks (2022 - current)
  • Grow My Podcast Summit (2022 - current)
  • PodUp Summit
  • New Generation Mastery LIVE
  • She Leads LIVE
  • Income & Impact Summit
  • SUCCESS Women International

Courtney's passion and expertise in podcasting and collaboration shines in every presentation she gives!

Her engaging presentation style and commitment to helping podcasters succeed make her a top choice for any event organizer seeking a deeply knowledgeable keynote speaker on podcasting and collaboration.

Thank you, Courtney, for sharing your wisdom with all of us!

~ Deirdre Tshien | Co-Founder: Capsho

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Courtney is making the world a better place with what she's creating.

She brings so much value to everything she does!

- Josh Elledge

Founder | Up My Influence

If you ever get the chance to work with or learn from Courtney, GRAB IT. She's a game-changer!

Beyond Courtney's vast knowledge & skills lies a very genuine soul. It's evident she cares deeply about the success and wellbeing of those she works with.

- Sheila Anderson

Founder | Return on Image

I highly recommend Courtney if you're looking for an amazing podcast guest who brings a TON of value.

She's a super star!

- JM Ryerson

Founder | Let's Go Win


Courtney Elmer is a Forbes-featured business consultant and host of the globally ranked AntiFragile Entrepreneurship™ podcast. She founded PodLaunch to help six and seven figure experts start a podcast that drives consistent traffic to their business while using their voice to create meaningful change in the world. PodLaunch is a subsidiary of The EffortLESS Life®.