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Ready to go from unheard expert to in-demand thought leader with a bingeworthy podcast that converts your listeners to clients on repeat?

No more competing for attention with short-form content that gets buried in the newsfeed and drives zero sales.

We're here to help you make your business bingeworthy.

We know your clients can't help but sing your praises, because you bust out client results like Lizzo busts out hits. So chances are we'd agree: it's about damn time you stopped being the best-kept secret in your niche. 

 you also know you won’t become a respected thought leader without an effective content strategy to reach millions with your message (preferably without posting 12x a week to Instagram or forking over a small fortune to the Zuck on ad spend).

That's why if you're going to host a podcast, it can't be just any old podcast. It needs to be...
  • A bingeworthy podcast that millions listen to every week
  • A Top 100 podcast that makes you the go-to expert in your niche and sets you head & shoulders above your competition (hair like Troy Polamalu not required)
  • A podcast that converts listeners to leads while you sleep so you can predictably grow your audience and your income

Ready to become the host of a client-converting podcast people can't stop raving about?

You’re in the right place.


"PodLaunch taught me step-by-step how to get noticed by my audience and become the voice of authority in my business. I couldn't believe it when I ranked #1 in Marketing ahead of Jenna Kutcher and Amy Porterfield!"

~Katherine Beck | HOST: The Voice of Your Brand

Want results like these?


Let's be real...

You're a busy entrepreneur. Which means you have zero time to figure out how to launch and grow a successful podcast on your own.

Worse, most podcast programs only cover the basics (and something tells us you're smart enough not to need a whole course just to learn how to plug in a mic).

What you need is the strategy to know how to start and grow a top-ranked podcast that actually grows your business. 

That's why we created PodLaunch.

With hands-on guidance from our team of expert coaches, the proven PodLaunch Formula has helped 95% of clients break the Apple Top 100 in their categories and scale their podcasts 5x faster than those who start a podcast without it.*

*based on real client results and current industry data

So the question isn't *if* our formula will work for you. It's...

How fast do you want to become our next success story? 


It's high time you had a proper platform to create meaningful change in the world.

Drawing on 7+ years of experience in marketing and business psychology, Courtney Elmer has helped over five dozen coaches, consultants, and business leaders learn how to launch top ranked podcasts and use their voice to build their legacy — and she's going to help you do the same.

But where most people will only teach you the basics of starting a podcast, Courtney and her team of dedicated expert coaches is going to hand you the step-by-step system for creating a bingeworthy podcast that can convert your listeners into leads and clients on repeat. *cue the record scratch*

Why do we care so much? Simple: you have an important message to share. And the world deserves to hear it.


Within a week of launching my show, we ranked #1 for Marketing in Canada, #40 in the USA, and in the top 1% in the world in Business!

It felt so darn good to see my name next to Neil Patel, Vanessa Lau, and Chalene Johnson, knowing I’m finally visible to a global audience full of my ideal clients.

- Kathryn Thompson

Host: BE The Sought-After Entrepreneur

I had a very small audience, so I couldn't believe it when ranked in the Top 100 shows on Apple in my category!

I was BLOWN AWAY by what an immediate impact this made on my business. 

- Katie Wrigley

Host: The Pain Changer

Not only did we receive OVER 100+ 5-star reviews and rank #34 in Business, but we also had our BEST SALES MONTH EVER because of this podcast launch!

Getting this many reviews this quickly is practically unheard of — knowing this makes it an even bigger win.

- Joey Vitale

Host: Business Growth Advantage


How it works:

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This ain't your typical bait-and-switch sales call. Think of it more like a no-strings-attached, you-just-blew-my-mind coaching convo where you’ll get instant clarity on whether or not your business is ready for a top-ranked podcast.  If it checks all the boxes, we’ll help you map out a custom podcast launch plan based on your specific business goals.

Join PodLaunch

If we mutually agree you’re someone we can help, we’ll invite you to become part of our PodLaunch community. You’ll get immediate access to our entire methodology and our team will work hand-in-hand with you to implement it. Did we mention we include professional editing, graphic design, and copywriting on the house? Yep, we’re that invested in your success!

Become a Top Host

Get real-time mentorship on every. single. aspect. of your podcast. Simply show up to your coaching calls (ideally with a smile :) and execute the simple steps we lay out for you. When we finish, you’ll be the proud host of a bingeworthy podcast that’s positioned to grow your business exponentially — with alllll the five-star reviews and downloads to prove it. 

Ready to be the host of a podcast people can't ignore?
We thought so. Let’s do this.


Do you think about starting a podcast every couple of months but haven’t yet because you’re afraid you won’t have time to keep up with it?

Did you start a podcast over six months ago that’s still getting less than <1000 downloads per episode (no matter HOW valuable your content is)?

If you're nodding your head yes... don't miss our next live workshop!

Get our proven 3-part framework that’s helped over five dozen coaches and consultants rapidly grow their business with a top-ranked podcast that converts your listeners to leads on autopilot.

Okay wait, there must be a catch, right?

Nope! Nada. But we *strongly recommend* saving your seat ASAP — these events fill up overnight and we limit registrations on purpose so that we can answer as many of your questions live as possible. AKA better grab your seat right now!


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Courtney Elmer is a Forbes-featured business consultant and host of the globally ranked AntiFragile Entrepreneurship™ podcast. She founded PodLaunch to help six and seven figure experts start a podcast that drives consistent traffic to their business while using their voice to create meaningful change in the world. PodLaunch is a subsidiary of The EffortLESS Life®.